I’m a super-tourist!

Five days ago I touched down in London town! And when I say touched down I mean we landed on the tarmac with great relief after the longest flight of my life. I now see why Kiwi’s stay in London for so long – nothing to do with the amazing vibes, beautiful buildings, rich history… they’re too scared to take the 30hour+ journey home!

With home being so many thousands of miles away, the time has finally come for me to start my incredible adventure on the other side of the world. It’s a weird feeling being so far from everything you love: I left behind my family, job, home, animals and friends; my whole life really. But here I am, finally living the dream that I planned out for myself, and what a dream it has been so far!

London has really put on a show these last few days; the sun has been shinning and I’ve been exploring in 20+ degree heat, wearing only a singlet. I’ve seen so much already: a casual Saturday stroll with my host-family (amazing friends of my mum who are kindly letting me stay in their home until I find my feet) along the river Thames to an old English pub where we sat in the afternoon sun in the punter-filled garden, ladies lunch and explore through Chiswick (possible choice for when I look for a flat!), super-tourist at its finest as I hop aboard the Big Red Bus to get my bearings, complete with selfies in front of Big Ben and Tower Bridge (although I’m not brave enough to use my selfie stick in public yet!) and a cruise along the river Thames.

I’m enjoying these moments of freedom, as unemployment and having no responsibilities comes rarely in one’s life, but at the same time I’m contacting recruiters and lining up interviews in the hope of landing myself a job in the near future. London is expensive, and there’s no way I could live here on a leisurely lifestyle.

Another thing I’m really looking forward to is making some friends. I have a few people here in London who I know from various points in my life and am planning to catch up with, but I also want to meet some new friends, both Kiwi and other. I think that being in another country so far from home, when you meet someone else who is in the same situation that you form really strong bonds. I’m hoping to meet and make some great friendships throughout my travels. Being here alone also means that I have to make the effort to meet and talk to people, something that can be limited if travelling with two or more.

So far I’ve looked into public yoga classes, social netball, ‘borrow my doggy’ (where you can walk local dogs to help out the owner and in return get some great furry friend contact!) and joined a few social groups on MeetMe – I plan to get out and about and immerse myself in London life 100%.

More great news I received recently is that one of my good friends from home, who is currently travelling the world herself, will be visiting London at the end of May, so we have plans to visit Paris during the second May bank holiday. I’m excited to see her, book our trip and of course visit Paris!

For now, I am enjoying being in the present (something I’m not very good at!); I’m so lucky to be here in an incredible city, with amazing weather, happier than I’ve been in a while, albeit missing my puppy, and feeling like I’m where I am supposed to be right now. I’ll finish with a quote that’s been a part of my family for many years:

It’s all about the journey, not the destination.



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