My beautiful Venice

You’re one of a kind. I love your quaint bridges, every one different from the last. Your crooked alleyways, criss-crossing in every direction so one looses all sense of direction. Your canals lined with tables covered in checkered cloths, sight and smell overload as hot pizza or creamy pasta are delivered by dapper waiters. Your gondola drivers delivering the ultimate Venice experience to lucky travelers, floating down picturesque canals.  I love your simple but perfect food. Your bustling Rialto bridge. Your quiet churches. Your neighbors Murano and Burano with their specialities in glass blowing and handmade lace. Your candlelit corners.

Your opulent shops for the rich contrasted with your trinket shops made just for memories. Your friendly Italian locals. Your talented painters, violinists, singers, pianists, accordionists and guitarists. Your perfect architecture complete with arched windows, oak doors, brass knockers, ivy covered corners and stone walls. Your gorgeous street lights, paved pathways, lino floors, wooden furniture and lace curtains. Your Venetian masks, each painted in a unique pattern, an nod to the past yet a hint to modern day consumerism and our desire to dress up. Your rich history, ancient buildings, churches and museums, your perfect traditions.

After visiting Venice, I think Italy may be the best country on earth. It has all that I wish to see when travelling: food, wine, coastal, countryside, people, language, climate, history, architecture…

“You’re everything I’ve tried to find. Your love is a pearl”. I just love you Venice, thank you for making me feel so happy.

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