Croatia coastline

Croatia has been on my travel list for a while now, and it was everything I hoped it would be. Using Split as a base to visit Hvar and Krka National Park, then travelling to Dubrovnik and staying right in the heart of the old town, also visiting Locrum Island, this destination is a dream.

Quite simply, my Croatian adventure can be summed up beautifully below:

Terraces sheltered with vines. Walls lined with ivy. Staircases covered with the beautiful pink flowers of bougainvillea trees.

Old stone walls. Castle turrets. Archways and alleyways. Bell towers. Wrought iron gates. Narrow streets. Window shutters. Flower lined terraces. Winding cliff paths. Rocky staircases. Castles. Abandoned fortresses. Cannons. Cave houses. Coastal views. Cliff jumping. Salt. Sunbathing. Crystal clear blue ocean. Swimming.

Cat sanctuary. Street kittens. Friendly peacocks. Wild rabbits. Gladiators. Game of Thrones. Supporting the rugby in the local Irish pub.

Fresh organic fruit. Freshly squeezed juice. Gelato. Salads. Olives. Cocktails. Homemade cakes. Cookies. Pancakes. Pirate candy.

Packed lunches. Backpacks. Chucks. Cactus. Pine trees. Waterfalls. Snakes. Mountain goats. Rock climbing. Hiking to the top of every hill. Fortress cats. Stairs. Coastal paths. Bikinis. Wharfs. Diving. Sea life. Fish. Crabs. Markets. Lavender. Jewellery. Coral. Pearls. Boat rides. Super yachts. Mate. Sunsets.


What do you think?

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