Pink peonies for my Parisian apartment

On Saturday I bought pink peonies for my Paris apartment. It might not sound like something worth blogging about to you, but to me it was a very special moment.

At Є15 for the bunch, they’re definitely a flower that yields some significance. To me, that significance is huge.

On Saturday, when my inner-self said “YOLO, buy the peonies,” it was more than just a spur of the moment decision to make my Parisian apartment look beautiful. It was a special moment that signifies all my accomplishments to make my wildest dreams come true. The achievement that I made myself a life here in Paris. That I found a job, an apartment, some friends and more importantly happiness. It’s remembering three years ago when I visited this wonderful city, leaning out the window of our hotel overlooking the quaint, quiet street below and telling myself that I’m going to live here one day. It’s walking past the many beautiful flower stands, not just in Paris but in London, Rome and Mairangi Bay, and aching for the time when I can take the most beautiful flowers to my home, to my kitchen, to my beautiful glass vase. It’s years of hospitals, surgeries, blood tests, medication, scans, fatigue, pain, tears and confusion making me appreciate the little things. It’s following travel bloggers on Instagram who post perfect shots of overflowing flower stands. It’s the crisp brown paper they come wrapped in, wet on the stems, the shop owner asking “pour toi?”.

Yes it was a special moment to bring these beautiful pink peonies back to my Parisian apartment, to enjoy the simple pleasure of fresh flowers and knowing that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.


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