Beautiful Brugge


Welcome to beautiful Brugge, the most well-preserved medieval town in Belgium and where they are famous for their waffles, chocolate and frites.

Living in Paris means not only being able to visit the Eiffel Tower everyday but that travel around Europe is super cheap and easy.

Last weekend I went on a girls winter weekend to Brugge to explore their Christmas markets – something I’ve been wanting to do for a while!

Brugge town is very small and quaint, but surprising busy for it’s size. The beautiful Christmassy atmosphere is what attracts so many tourists at this time of year – there are various markets dotted around the city, along with fairy-lights galore, decorations everywhere and Christmas carols being projected all along the main streets.

We enjoyed the best the Belgium has to offer – chocolate, waffles, mulled wine and frites, basically moving from one indoor, cozy, warm cafe to the next.

Brugge is very small so it’s easy to explore in a weekend. We spent a lot of time just wanding the cute streets, looking through the markets, climbing the Belfry and drinking mulled wine to warm our frozen fingers.

Just over 2 hours from Paris, Brugge is a great place to visit in winter, although I’m sure in summer, when all the trees and flowers are in bloom, this city would be like magical fairytale.

For now, I return to Paris to swap the waffles and mulled wine for crossiants and chocolate chaud. It’s not such a hard life.


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