Christmas in Oslo


For years, I’ve dreamed of a white Christmas. Snow, a little log cabin, a roaring fire, snow, snuggly socks, days lazing between the kitchen and the lounge, red wine and of course, more snow.

If you think this scene sounds a little like the movie ‘The Holiday’, you’d be spot on. My dream of a white Christmas began over 10 years ago whilst watching this movie, envious of Cameron Diaz alone in the English countryside with Jude Law on her doorstep.

We went north. Far north. We went all the way to Oslo in Norway because there we were guaranteed snow. There was no snow.

Granted, we found snow in the hills up by the Olympic Ski Jump, but it was from a snow machine (doesn’t count) but we did spend a few hours playing in it (snow-craving fulfilled – for now).

What we lacked in snow, we made up in every other way. Myself, plus five friends, had four days in Oslo, where we hired a beautiful apartment and spent the whole time cooking, drinking, baking, dancing, exploring the city, building snowmen, sliding on frozen ponds, eating, laughing and even one crazy polar plunge. Staying up all night then sleeping until the following afternoon, only to do it all again that night – these are the things to cherish and remember.

I can say it was the best holiday and the best Christmas I’ve ever had. This experience in Oslo was a world away and vast comparison to the amazing Christmas I usually enjoy in New Zealand, filled with those I love the most, summer sunshine and ocean swims. This I love too.

My experience on this holiday, shared with some of my closest friends and creating some of my favourite memories, are so special that the absence of snow is almost forgotten*.

*Almost. Next trip planned for February – to the SNOW!


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