My home away from home

On the eve my big adventure, I’m keen to sum up my last two weeks in London as to not forget any of the great things I’ve done, but to also clear my mind and be ready to enjoy my travels.

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Hello Autumn

London is fast. The pace of life is fast, the summer was fast, people walk (really) fast.

This weekend brings summer officially to a close, but I can quite confidently say it has been the best; action packed, full of new experiences and new friends, and absolutely enjoyed to the max.

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Four months and my dreams have come true

As the four month mark rolls ever closer, I can’t help but think back over my time here in London; all the amazing things I’ve seen, stunning places I’ve visited, the lovely friends I’ve made and the fact that I actually live in London! Along with it comes the family I long for, the special occasions I’ve missed and the far away comforting memory of home.

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I’ve got my backpack on, and I’m off on an adventure

I’ve spent the last few weeks living a crazy london tourist life, exploring places like Soho, Covent garden and Chinatown. In between attending job and recruiter interviews, I’ve had the best macaroons of my life at Ladurée (somewhere I’ve dreamt of going for a long time!) and the best pasta at Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant. I visited St Paul’s Cathedral where we admired and awed at the intricate glass murals, hand painted ceilings and oak carved alters, descended into the crypts and climbed over 500 steps to the top of the duomo. I was outside the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s hospital when Kate and Will presented Princess Charlotte to the world amongst the crowds of well wishers. I was offered three jobs in one day and had a tricky 24 hours trying to choose the best one. And yesterday I explored the food stalls in the Streets of Spain market along the South Bank, eating the best crepe of my life (error: that’s not Spanish food!!).

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London is like everything you ever imagined and like nothing you’ve ever seen.

I’ve experience so much of London already, it’s hard to believe I’ve been here less than two weeks. I want to capture how the city makes me feel, how in awe I am of the surroundings and how strange & different things are, before they become the ‘norm’ and I don’t notice them anymore.

It’s difficult to sum up what London is like in words. I know how I feel here; I feel happy and lucky and special to be able to experience the amazingness that is ‘London’. I’ve grown up hearing about Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Notting Hill, the Underground, Heathrow, Tower Bridge and many more iconic London landmarks, but to be here, seeing them for myself, is surreal.

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